Our respite services offer you an enjoyable and positive experience with a focus on leisure activities, community participation and enhancing your independence. Respite also offers your family and carers short-term or time limited breaks from their caring role.

Our Approach

Our dedicated team of disability support workers’ have the training, skills and experience in providing high quality care and support to people with a range of disabilities, health and support needs.

You are at the centre of what we do. Using our person-centred approach we will work with you, your family and support network to develop a respite plan that best supports your needs and goals.


Facility Based Respite

AGAPI Care’s facility-based respite service offers the opportunity for you to experience some time away from home in a safe, supported shared accommodation house.

At our facility-based respite centres we strive to create a welcoming and comfortable home like environment with a focus on leisure activities and community participation. You have the opportunity to enjoy new experiences, socialise and meet new people, be involved in recreational activities, learn new skills, and experience greater independence. We offer a range of activities and outings including arts and crafts, games and day trips.

Respite access may be regular or occasional to meet individual needs.

Each respite centre can accommodate up to five people.

Each respite centre has shared accommodation and common areas.


Individual Respite

Individual respite can be provided in the community at regular times on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to enable individuals to attend every-day activities and participate in the community.

Our Locations

AGAPI Care has two facility based respite houses.
We also offer individual respite, which can be delivered to you in the community.

Preston Respite

Our Preston Respite Centre offers respite services from Friday 3pm to Tuesday 10am under a sleepover model.

Oakleigh Respite

Our Oakleigh Respite Centre offers respite services from Friday 3pm to Monday 10am under a sleepover model.

Do you require respite outside of these times?
Contact the Manager Client Services & Partnerships on (03) 9416 9768 to discuss alternative arrangements.

Who can access our services?

People with physical or intellectual disabilities between the ages of 18 and 65, living in the Northern, Southern or Eastern regions with low to medium care needs can access our respite and long term supported accommodation services.

We will work with you, your family and support network to design an individual plan that supports your needs and goals.

Contact Us on (03) 9416 9768 or email